About the Given Book Shop


In 2015, the Given Memorial Library and Tufts Archives leased the renovated Pinehurst Post Office building in the Village Center to relocate its satellite Book Shop and to expand library programming. The library allocated space inside the building for a coffee shop and leased the space to the Roast Office. The Roast Office is a great little coffee shop that serves breakfast and lunch. The Given Book Shop sells quality used books for readers of all ages, hosts library sponsored events and workshops and provides a service by accepting the community's unwanted books. The shop is open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 4pm with self-checkout available for people who come into the building while the book shop is closed.


The Given Book Shop is available for rent. The book shelves are movable allowing for rental space with a 120-person capacity. There is also an upstairs meeting room with a seating capacity of 15. Click here for rental information.


The Given Book Shop is managed by Lisa Richman, Lisa is also the Library’s Program Director. The Book Shop is staffed by 90+ volunteers. Jean Funderburg is the Volunteer Manager. To learn more about the history of the Given Book Shop click here. Proceeds from the multi-venue destination supports the Given Memorial Library and Tufts Archives.


Book Donations


The Book Shop relies on book donations to keep their inventory varied and continuously changing. Please support us, we accept book donations during business hours (Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm). There is a designated book-drop-off area located in the back of the shop beside the staircase. Look for the circular “Book Drop” signs. You can also drive your vehicle around the back of the building and drop books off at the building’s loading dock. During business hours, volunteers are available to assist you. Tax donations receipts are available. 


Given Book Shop does not accept the following donations: magazines, newspapers, Readers Digest Condensed Books, National Geographic, encyclopedias, textbook, cassette tapes, records, VCR tapes, torn, worn, dusty or musty books. If you would not buy a book you plan to donate because of its condition, others probably won’t either. Thank you for your donations! We are recognized and proud of the quality of the books we sell.